LyX export to markdown

Command line (Lyx > Markdown)

lyx --export latex file.lyx
pandoc --no-wrap -f latex -t markdown file.tex >

Command line (Markdown > Lyx)

pandoc --no-wrap -f markdown -t latex > file.tex && tex2lyx
file.tex && lyx file.lyx

(--no-wrap makes sure we don't screw up e.g. \hrefs by spanning them over multiple lines)

sudo apt-get install pandoc lyx


pandoc --no-wrap -f latex -t markdown -o $$o $$i

(might need extra whitespace at end)


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Comment by Markus Alexander Kuppe | 2013/06/23 at 11:52:37


“pandoc –no-wrap -f markdown -t latex $$i > /tmp/mdtmp.tex && tex2lyx -f /tmp/mdtmp.tex $$o”

as a Markdown > LyX importer causes LyX to crash with a BO during import.

Comment by Stéphane Mourey | 2015/02/12 at 22:31:37

You should try Multimarkdown which works well for me with the command

 `multimarkdown -t lyx $$i > $$o`

as Markdown -> LyX converter.