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Sending events to e4 applications from outside of e4

e4 uses an event bus to let different pieces (e.g. parts) of an e4 application communicate. Architecturally, this leads to low coupling (doubleplusgood) due to the fact that the various pieces only need to know the event topics (String constants), which are ideally defined centrally in a common bundle …

LyX export to markdown

Command line (Lyx > Markdown)

lyx --export latex file.lyx
pandoc --no-wrap -f latex -t markdown file.tex >

Command line (Markdown > Lyx)

pandoc --no-wrap -f markdown -t latex > file.tex && tex2lyx
file.tex && lyx file.lyx

(--no-wrap makes sure we don't screw up e.g. \hrefs by …

Network bonding (wlan & eth) on linux ubuntu

When we moved into our new apartment, we renewed all wires which included proper cat7 in all rooms. So lets take advantage of it... :)

My primary machine is a laptop that I carry around in the house a lot. This breaks open network connections, due to the IP change when …

github issues with ghi and multiple users

I have recently started to use ghi - a command line github issues client. Out of the box it only supports a single github account. Personally I like to separate my private from work related coding though. Thus adding two aliases to ~/.bashrc allows me to quickly switch from one account …

Free and paid for Raspberry Pi hosting/colocation

  • Austria: (send in - hosting for free)

  • Netherlands****: (send in or buy a Pi - IPv6 hosting for free, IPv4 ~2,5€)

  • Sweden: (send in - hosting for free, only Swedish …